Discover Copa Star Hospital

Hospital Copa Star is a classy hospital that was inaugurated recently. It is located on the southern side of Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro. Copa Star Hospital has recently become famous for combining comfort, quality service, high-end technology and luxury. Its design resembles a five-star hotel. Also, it occupies an area of 21 thousand square meters. Copa star hospital extensively makes use of modern technological innovations and refinement.

The hospital’s smart hospitality system enables a patient to experience a level of autonomy that cannot be found in any other hospital. Each patient is provided with an iPad that allows seamless communication with doctors or nurses. The beds are also fitted with automated features. The lighting system is excellent, and its perfect fitting enables the interns to modify the lighting of the room, close the curtains and finally to access the medical exams with the assistance of the doctor. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

This massive investment that exceeds R $ 400 was launched in 2013. This facility provides great relieve to patients who used to make their trips to Sao Paulo for medical checkups.

The hospital has made it possible for patients who are in need of complex surgical procedures to receive the services that they need. The hospital combines professional service delivery with accommodation, something that is aimed at making the stay of the patients as comfortable as possible.

The environment prevalent at the facility combines the use of up to date technology with personal acceptance and comfort. Therefore, the hospital works hard to provide quality and personalized services to its clients.

The hospital has more than 150 beds, 105 apartments and 45 beds primarily for the intensive care unit. The hospital has nine rooms for performing complex surgeries. The hospital has modern medical equipment that comprises of intelligent operating rooms, neurosurgery rooms fitted with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, telemedicine, robotic medicine and hybrid rooms.

The state of the art equipment, however, is not the only thing that makes the hospital great. The highly qualified staffs with years of experience have been assembled to provide the required services to the patients.

The payment system will be affordable for the patients. The hospital will not only cater for the private patients who are capable of making cash payments but also the patients who will be making their payments through health insurance plans.

The Copa Star has managed to set aside areas that will be used to provide supportive services such as supply, billing, clothing and clinical engineering among many others. In the building, the corridors provide a sober and welcoming fresh air. Visit the site to know more.

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