Fabletics Is A Story Of Innovation

Fabletics is a part of JustFab Inc. It was founded in 2013. In such a short time, it has established itself as a quality brand that provides activewear. The co-founders of Fabletics are Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg.

They realized that hardly anything exciting was available in the field of activewear. Typically it was just grey and black colored clothes. Besides, these were priced very high. In addition, very few quality products were available in the market, and they were overpriced too.

Keeping all this in mind, they decided to launch an activewear brand that would be fashionable, trendy, and be reasonably priced too. Besides, they wanted to provide quality products only.

They have timed the brand well. This is a time when more and more people are focusing on fitness. They realize how important fitness is for their emotional and physical well-being. Another thing that they realized was that an increasing number of upwardly mobile young people were entering the fitness arena.

These were people who wanted to look trendy even when they were working out. But nothing was really available on the market. Hence Fabletics took up this niche. They provided high-quality workout wear at affordable prices, and it was trendy too. No wonder that people took to this brand immediately. Hence Fabletics was an immediate hit from the start itself.

Kate Hudson is closely associated with Fabletics. She has added a glam quotient to it. Besides, she has a fab body and people look up to her for her active lifestyle.

She is not like any other celebrity. She endorses the brand. Typically other celebrities only endorse the brand. They may or may not use the brand that they endorse. But Kate Hudson differs in her opinion. She will endorse a product only if she believes in it.

In addition, people can easily imagine Kate working out in the gym wearing these fab clothes from Fabletics. Besides, they can visualize her playing with her kids while wearing the Fabletics brand. This is why she has made a huge difference to the image as well as sales of the brand.

Fabletics is present online as well as offline. This is because the founders realized that there are still many people who would like to see the product and feel it before buying it. Hence Fabletics has founded several brick and mortar stores all across the US. They are planning to open a lot more. The founders feel that such stores help to build a local connect too. Besides, people can just walk into these stores as they pass them by.

But the business model remains the same whether it is an online store or a physical one. Due to this reason, Fabletics has been able to earn a reputation in its field. Even big giants in the e-commerce field, like Amazon, are sitting up and taking notice. This is because Fabletics is now cutting into their market share too and this is a cause for concern for everyone in this field.

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