Full Journey of CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith secures the founder of the Securus Technologies. He pragmatic skills regarding leadership have been lauded in many areas as the CEO of the Securus. He has pushed the company to the level of income generation for the terms that has served as the leader for the success of the enterprise. The society has been put at the vantage position of engaging with their relative who are inmates through the innovative skills of the firm. He has made an enormous impact on the matters that are associated with the prisoners in the cells and the free world. The primary objective of his company is to create a connection between the inmates and the community that will make the prisoner feel part of the process and the progress that is taking place in the society.

Rick Smith secures leadership skills has earned him a lot of promotion in many companies that he has served in the past years before starting Securus Technologies. He was holding the post of chief financial officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc in the year 1998, and he served successfully up to 2000. He then led as the chief operating officer in the year 1999 up to the point where he was promoted to the president of the team serving as the team of operating officers in the year 2003.Rick Smith secures worked at Frontier Corp. for more than two decades before making his move to the Eschelon Telecom Company. He serves at various position in the firm such as the chief controller and the chief information officer. His commitment to the duties in the business made him increase the depth of trust by many as he was promoted to vice president of financial management. He then proved his wits in the area and was finally made as the chairperson of the company.

Additionally, he made a lot of contribution to the issues that were dealing with the business operation while he was at Midwest Telephone Operations. In the year 2008, Rick Smith was appointed as a member of the board of Securus and the company elevated him as the chairman in the year 2009.Rick Smith Securus pursued his studies in the field of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering where his passed his degree level. He then proceeds with his studies at the University of Rochester where he obtained MBA. At the State University of New York, Rick specialized in the area of Science in electrical engineering he later earned Master’s degree in the field of mathematics.The major part that marked the achievement of Rick Smith is the contribution of the Securus Technologies in the sphere of technology. Smith believes in dynamism, and this has made Securus as a company to stand out in changing the lives of the inmates.

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