Mike Baur and His Role in Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for over 20 years. He used to work for Clariden Leu and UBS during his career. He quit the banking sector to invest in start-up firms before venturing into co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest in January 2016 after its partnership with Swiss Startup Factory.


During his 20 years in Swiss Private Banking, Mike climbed the career ladder from a commercial apprentice at UBS to a board member of a famous Swiss Private Bank. Mike Baur started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 39. In 2004, Mike founded Swiss Startup Factory together with his two partners. Note that Swiss Startup Factory is the leading independent and privately financed early stage ICT start-up accelerator in Switzerland. Mike plays a significant role in the start-up based on his experience and knowledge in business management. He is a holder of an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Additionally, Mike is a holder of MBA from the University of Rochester New York. Baur invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. Additionally, Mike supports several Swiss Startups as a mentor and financially. Mike is the co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Association. Mike is the brain behind the fundraising and financing rounds at Swiss Startup Factory.


About Swiss Startup Factory

The Zurich-based accelerator was established in 2014. The firm was founded with the aim of looking for thriving entrepreneurs and offer them an exciting opportunity from the start. The Zurich-based accelerator has a program of providing opportunities to potential entrepreneurs through their strong network not only in Switzerland but also in countries all over the world.


The company operates an accelerator program that runs for three months. During the three months, thriving digital entrepreneurs get a unique platform of mentorship, services, coaching, and office space in the heart of Zurich. Additionally, the firm offers an entrepreneurial network to help entrepreneurs to attain their ambitious goals. The primary objective of the accelerator program is to bring start-ups from idea stage to market within three months.


Stakeholders of the accelerator program admit that they face challenges during this program. One of the greatest challenges according to Swiss Startup Factory is turning the passion-driven entrepreneurs into business people with the ability to operate a fast-growing company. The entrepreneurs tend to make decisions based on their passion especially during the early stages of the accelerator program rather than basing the decisions on the business element of their ideas. However, Swiss Startup Factory still devotes to helping thriving entrepreneurs.


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