Nathaniel Ru Gives Consumers Diversity

Nathaniel Ru is pushing the boundaries when it comes to healthy food. He has been able to bring forth a very exciting restaurant chain called Sweetgreen, and people are in food by the options that are available. What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do with his company is capitalize on a new way of presenting healthy food options. He has engaged what he calls a menu where the food is different than the normal fruit and vegetable menus. Learn more:


The centerpiece of the menus for Sweetgreen is the warm bowl. This has become something that has been trending online, and it has been given a large number of of accolades by consumers. This is one of the items that serves as the staple of the Sweetgreen menu, but there are a lot of other options for people that may be interested in more than the warm bowl. Learn more:


Menu options just really depend on where you are planning to visit a Sweetgreen restaurant. The menu in San Francisco is different from the menu that is available in Philadelphia. The menu in New York City is different from the menu in Chicago or Los Angeles. This is somewhat intentional, but it also plays a part in the connection that Nathaniel Ru has with the farmers. The farmers that are in different areas where Sweetgreen locations are located are going to have different produce. The product line for the menus is going to be based largely on what the farmers are growing in the area that a particular Sweetgreen restaurant is located. Learn more:


This is actually a benefit for consumers that may be traveling. They get the chance to experience seasonal menus and engage in eating different meals from Sweetgreen restaurants based on where they are located or traveling to.


In New York, for example it is possible to get salads like the Spicy Sabzi or the OMG Omega. in the Bay Area people may be able to dive into a watermelon cilantro fresca. there are all different types of options that are based on various interest that people may have.



people that want to make their own can also select their own meals based on various seasonal ingredients like sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, apples, and hot chick peas. There really are a wide range of ingredients 4 consumers to consider when they eat at sweetgreen. This variety makes this a very successful restaurant chain.


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