The Agenda of End Citizen in America

End Citizen United is a new political committee whose main aim is to finance campaign reform. It plans to provide millions of dollars to Democratic candidates who are running for Senate and competitive house races. The ultimate goal of the group is to pass constitutional amendments and reverse the decision of the Supreme Court’s decision that gave rise to the super PACs in 2010 and caused a wave of dark money in politics. A constitutional amendment must win two-thirds consent of the senate and the house. It is important to take note that America has not implemented any constitutional amendment since 1992.


More than three hundred and twenty-five thousand people have signed the End Citizens United’s petition that demands the Congress to pass such legislation and the number is still likely to grow following the partnership of End Citizen with Ready for Hillary.

End Citizens collected more than $ 4 million in the first three months of the year and has projected to raise $35 million with the coming of the 2018 midterm Congress elections. It has raised more than $2 million from small donors so far. I believe that this will be a significant surge from the $ 25 million that the PAC took in during the 2016 election.


End Citizen has announced the endorsement of eleven Democratic candidates including Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Wisconsin’s Sen. Russ Feingold. Carbo says that End Citizen is different from other PACS that are focusing on campaign finance reform. The group plans to set up an independent expenditure arm early next year to support candidates through various initiatives like polling and direct mailers.


During the first quarter of the year, an estimate of ten thousand people contributed to the PAC with forty thousand of them doing so for the first time as reported by the PAC president and executive director, Tiffany Muller. Tiffany reports that their main goal is to elect into the congress champions of campaign finance reform.

She says that the average contribution received by PAC this year is $12. This is a way for the group donors to fight back since they feel that the system has rigged them allowing those who can write the biggest checks to do so. From her observation, the Democrats are furious about the election of President Donald Trump and are fighting back his nominees and agendas. An example is the resistance of the Supreme Court judge, Neil Gorsuch.


End Citizens United functions like a traditional PAC, and therefore it cannot accept donations that are more than $5000 from one individual. Despite this regulation, its 2016 fund raising helped it to support the top ranks of Democrats spending in last year’s elections.

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