When one thinks of the Middle East, numerous things come into their mind. For starters, the Middle East remains a region abundant in natural resources. Moreover, the Middle East possesses a significant amount of the world’s oil. Due to all of this wealth, it remains means easy to see why countries such as the United Arab Emirates continue to attract millions of people annually. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates remains a prominent fixture in the Middle East. For those unaware, the United Arab Emirates remains home to several multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires. Also, several of its citizens remain wealthy due to their involvement in the nation’s economy. In particular, Hussain Sajwani remains highly respected throughout the region.


For those unaware, Hussain Sajwani continues to amass an insurmountable amount of wealth. Furthermore, Hussain Sajwani owns various properties throughout the country pertaining to real estate development. Moreover, the owner of DAMAC possesses years of experience in real estate development. As a result, he has established several high-profile relationships with people such as Donald Trump and government officials of the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump’s relationship dates back several years. On numerous occasions, the Hussain Sajwani family remained invited to Donald Trump’s business affairs. In particular, the family attended a New Year’s Eve celebration with the Trump family. Moreover, they also attended the opening of his new hotel in Washington, D.C.


With that being said, President Trump’s wife and Sajwani’s wife have maintained a prosperous relationship. On numerous occasions, they go out to dinner, talk on the phone, and they also email each other. Moreover, the DAMAC owner has launched numerous initiatives that combat poverty in various parts of the Middle East. Recently, the owner of DAMAC decided to give away over $2 million AED to clothe over a million children. As a result, his philanthropic efforts remain noteworthy. In spite of having a high success rate in all of his business endeavors, the owner of DAMAC continues to set trends and positively impact society. In closing, the owner of DAMAC remains an inspiration to business professionals around the world.

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