Traveling Vineyard: A Wine Company Standing Out For Innovation In The Wine Industry

Traveling Vineyard is a company that knows exactly what it takes to get a good bottle of wine. The organization is one who uses their vast network of vineyards and wineries to give their customers the bottle of wine that is just right for them.

Rick Libby is the person who founded the wine venture and also serves as the current President of the company. He got the idea for the Traveling Vineyard when he was working at a company knows as Geerlings and Wade, which specialized in selling wine to customers through their catalogs. While working at the company, he has tasked with finding a good strategy that would help increase the profits that the company saw. While looking for a good strategy to implement, he came upon the idea of using in-home demonstrations to sell wine, which is something that a lot of companies currently use. The idea was something that not a lot of people in the wine industry were implemented, which resulted in the company boosting its sales tremendously.

The Traveling Vineyard decided to implement this, but on a much greater level than any wine company has ever before. Today, the company has over five thousand people working as door to door marketeers, selling their wine to potential customers. The entire experience is meant to engage the customers, rather than just sell to them, so they feel like they are receiving a more personalized experience. The people working to market the Traveling Vineyard also offer wine tastings to their potential customers, so that they can be sure of the bottle of wine that they are choosing to buy.

Rick Libby believes that being creative is always a great way to get a company rolling in more profits. It was only through innovation that the Traveling Vineyard has been able to see as much success as it has, and for it to progress further in the industry, it needs to continue on this path. Libby believes in implementing new technology and upgrading the old ones to increase the efficiency of all the people working for the company. With the use of mobile apps and order tracking systems, the entire process of selling to the customers is much more efficient than before.

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